Sunday, September 23, 2012


Last month I discovered a mixtape by ANTWON. You can stream it below or download the whole album for free:

Or you can go straight to his bandcamp here to check out his other stuff (I recommend his newest stuff, END OF EARTH).

It's in the hip hop/rap area and I don't know if it's just me but he sounds a lot like Biggie. One of my favourite tracks is Confessions, partly because it's produced by Clams Casino so I might be biased. Other tracks I like most include Switch, Helicopter and Skullkrush.

Most of the tracks have a lo-fi/fuzzy feel to it which I fancy and it's different than other rap albums where they're always crisp and clear with banging beats. This album is more chilled and makes you want to hang out with your friends and walk along the sidewalk in the cold, late night with a can of coke in your hand; or it makes you want to lay down on your bedroom floor and stare at your glow-in-the-dark-star-filled ceiling and imagine them spinning around you slowly in tune with the songs.

It's great. Go listen to it.

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