Thursday, September 20, 2012

Best Coast

I'm doing my Economics homework whilst listening to Best Coast. I love it when I put on music whenever I'm doing something so it's like I have my own soundtrack. *it's ok to dream OKAY*

As with the xx and Sleigh Bells, Best Coast has released their second album this year and they all have one thing in common: they're all my favourite bands. Another thing in common: I prefer their first albums. Woops I said it. Yeah. It's like with these bands, their debut albums are always the best ones and we get what direction they're going for. And because of this, I put so much expectations that is unnecessary and if I don't like what I hear I'll get disappointed. For example, Sleigh Bells' Reign of Terror. I probably haven't listened to it enough but so far I'm not digging it, man.

Anyway, back to the star of the post. Best Coast reminds me December 2010 when we visited my brother in Melbourne. I would listen to this and Beach Fossils for the whole 2 weeks and by now I memorise about 90% of this album -- which I think is NOT ENOUGH. 2 years should be a sufficient amount of time to learn these songs by heart!!!!!

This is my go-to album whenever I feel lonely and want to belt out; when I'm in the shower and I need to occupy myself whilst shampooing my hair; when I'm over the moon about something; when I feel depressed and want Bethany by my side; when I'm swooning over a guy who I fantasize having picnics by the swimming pool with but has no idea I exist. Basically every time.

This album is filled with songs that make you feel happy inside and some that don't make sense but you sing them anyway, example in the song titled 'Happy', "when I wake you up you're so cranky, but you're happy, you're happy, you're happy, you're happy".

It's great because the lyrics are so simple and some of them don't mean anything, Beth just sings about her cat and weed and how her crush likes someone with a college degree. They have a lo-fi/beach rock/garage pop kinda sound. If you've never listened to any of their songs you are obviously missing out. I definitely recommend them.

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