Monday, September 17, 2012

I've been listening to Aloha Moon by Magic Wands for the past hour and I love it so much already.

They somehow remind me of Sleigh Bells, but a softer and dreamier version. It doesn't help that Magic Wands are a male-female duo either.

My first listen was just this evening, of their track 'Teenage Love' and it was like instant love. Bam. However, I'm beginning to grow on 'Black Magic' which I suggest you listen here:

I'm not an expert on music and I don't care about labels and genres as much as I'm supposed to, but if I had to describe their album, it would be ethereal meets shoegaze meets psychedelic rock meets dream pop with a splash of reverb. The female lead singer has a soothing voice (almost but not entirely like Emily Haines) that melts in your ears. Doesn't that sound amazing? Because it does! Go on and give it a listen!

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