Monday, September 24, 2012

''''Photography'''' has always been an interest of mine. I say that with quotation marks because I can't take that word seriously. 'Photographer' too. Unless you get paid for taking photos then call yourself whatever you want.

I remember in form 2 (that's equivalent to 8th grade or year 8 or whatever you call it), I used to facebook chat with my English teacher late at night and talk about things what I thought were deep like Coldplay and "photography". I'd make a tumblr and post my photos but it didn't feel right. So I made a flickr and I've had it since. My English teachers were my homies, I love them to death and I figured I wouldn't mind being an English teacher when I grow up IF and ONLY IF I have no other back up plans left. I just don't look forward to teaching kids because they can be a pain in the ass, like, all the time. Also, not saying I would be qualified to teach English but there are always hidden private schools around who take in anyone, right?

I was 14 and it was toward the end of my emo phase that I happen to own a digital Sony point and shoot camera (which I still use). It was pink and I was disappointed in myself for owning something in that colour but my mum somehow convinced me to get it, and I dropped it on the floor by accident the first day I bought it, as I do with all the things I own.

I present to you, photos I took with my point and shoot circa 2008 - 2010.

My first 'proper' photo. Taken in the morning at Tasik during a hike with my mother.
Because a macro shot is necessary for anyone who owns any kind of camera.
On a bus, during my cousin's wedding. Taken on a Friday.
To date, this is one of my favourite photos I've ever took. Looking at this reminds me of the waves swaying, relaxing in my white hand-me-down shorts given from my mum and a black t-shirt I threw on, waiting patiently trying to catch fish after fish and seeing a long piece of poop floating.
My least favourite shot, but I had to throw in one of these long exposure thingies OBVIOUSLY.
Another macro shot. This was at my grandma's front lawn after I went swimming with my aunty. It was a warm, sunny Sunday morning and I had the smell of chlorine in my hair.
And another macro shot, damn I was on a roll. This was a surprise birthday cake for my grandma's 72nd birthday.
Fireworks at my grandma's place with my 2 little cousins during Ramadhan.

June 2010, it was during the school holidays and I thought I would make a diy fish eye lens (worth $6!). I was obsessed with Florence + the Machine but that's totally irrelevant. This is a picture of my brother's room, but the graffiti is painted over now.
To date, this is also my favourite photo. This is the view from our balcony. Not edited at all (none of my pictures are.. Except for the first 2).
 All these can be found on the last few pages of my flickr and now I actually prefer film over digital but I'll save that story for another time.

PS: I did not make up the captions, I genuinely remember when they were taken and why I had taken them and how I felt when I took (most) of them.

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