Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Go Bald or Go Home

I have naturally curly hair and it probably grows at a normal rate but I feel like it takes FOREVER without having to stretch it out to display its 'true length'. My hair right now ends around my mid-back but when it dries it's around shoulder length and I haven't had a proper hair cut since I was 11 (the last time I had a haircut I was feeling angsty and wanted to take control over some sort of situation so I snipped off several inches with some hair shears I found lying around and regretted it afterwards). The coiled mass of keratin that is my hair is thick and jet-black and frizzy and is always full of tangles and knots and split ends and basically it's like it has a life of its own -- which is great for days when I feel sassy and 'out there' but most of the time it's just troublesome and I can't enjoy my time without having to worry whether a huge chunk of hair is in a weird position making me look like i have something sticking out of my head, unless I'm having a good hair day which happens once every 4 months. Twice if I'm lucky.

Having had the same hairstyle in my entire 17 years of living, I'm ready for some changes. Forget about bob hairstyles or pixie cuts. I'm talking about going all out with a buzzcut or even better: going bald.

I've always longed to do whatever I wanted with my hair. Did I mention I have virgin hair? My hair has had a boring life if you couldn't tell.

I never understood why women went bald before. I used to agree with society, the longer the hair the prettier. But not anymore -- it's too conventional, too mundane, too feminine. My aunt willingly went bald once and instantly became my muse. Since then going bald has been on my bucket list. Recently, I asked her whether she would shave her head again if given the chance and answered 'Yeah' without hesitation.

The following images are of some women that I've collected to show how beautiful women can be without all that hurr up in their face, granted, they do actually have gorgeous faces.

Obviously, Amber Rose.
Natalie Portman
Erykah Badu
Solange Knowles

Alek Wek, a model who is known for being bald.

Here are some non-celebrities who pull off the look just as well:

Source: Wormbeast
Source: Zinografie
Source: bald elk
Source: im_cyrina

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