Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's not anyone's place to judge

Earlier this evening my cousin showed me an instagram account of her junior who is extremely obsessed with covering up and wearing hijabs. Part of me is still ticked off and annoyed by her behaviour and ideas but part of me wants to ignore her because I'm tired of acknowledging the existence of people like her.
Coincidentally, I read this article by a Bruneian I've mentioned in a blog post before. It's titled 'Her Hijab Is Just As Feminist As Your Burnt Bra', basically saying that wearing hijabs isn't necessarily a form of oppression as most people think, especially the non-Muslims in the Western countries and how one should have the freedom of choice of covering oneself. It's really enlightening, I strongly recommend all of you to read it. JUST READ IT GUYS, JUST DO IT.

Okay, so let me begin.

This character that I was talking about, she posts pictures of women in hijabs and trendy clothes that covers them up or quotes or just random pictures paired with totally irrelevant captions. Majority of what she says is basically just criticising people who do not cover up or wear hijabs. It's weird how obsessed she is, and she would express how disgusted she is by what people wear (ie. not hijabs) or the sins people commit and so on. Then continue to preach about how we are not good Muslims because of that, she says by not covering ourselves, we are not following Allah's orders and therefore we are automatically bad people.

I understand that it is her opinion, as this post is mine, and I very well know that part of what she says is true, such as not covering ourselves means we aren't obeying Allah's orders.

She continues to say how rape is mostly a woman's fault because by wearing revealing clothes it means we are "asking for it". Heck, there are women in countries that are raped EVEN when they are fully covered. And I think we should have the freedom to wear whatever the hell we want because it's our choice and it's our life and we choose how we live it. Moreover, why is it even acceptable to blame women when it's the men who perform the act of rape? I honestly do not comprehend why some people have this mentality. Like, yeah, I understand that maybe sometimes the clothes women wear might arouse some men and thus they act upon it, but I have the urge to break people's necks or punch them in the face for being annoying but that does not mean I should do it. You know why? Because I have morals and I know that there are consequences. Also I'm not that much of a bitch.

This girl does not have the right to criticise us girls who choose not to cover up, show our skin and hair and whatever else there is. She does not know what we do, she does not know whether we pray or not, she does not know whether we read the Qur'an every single day, she does not know whether we do good deeds most of our time just because we never mention it, and most importantly, just because we don't look like it. Heck, girls who don't wear hijabs might be infinitely more religious than girls who do.

As a teenage girl who wants to be taken seriously and who wants gender equality throughout the world (which I know is impossible but there's no harm in trying), I think girls like us should be able to have the freedom to wear what we want and that includes wearing hijabs (and otherwise). We are often not taken seriously and are told what to do because the rest of the world think we can't take care of ourselves or are not capable of making our own decisions and force their opinions upon us.

Other people do not have the right to judge our relationship with God, heck anybody's relationship with God! They do not have the right to 'predict' whether we will go to hell based on one factor.

I think it's fine however, that she is encouraging girls in our generation to dress modestly considering how greatly influenced we are by the Western culture and their way of dressing. BUT I think she is doing it the wrong way and it is completely offensive to some people. Even my cousins who are hijabis were irritated and infuriated by the subject's way of preaching.

Moral of the story, a cliché even: Don't judge a book by its cover.

I shall end my rant here. Goodnight and until next time.

EDIT: I seem to be having a hard time accepting other people's opinions (LOL) but you know how I feel about this topic now? OVER IT.

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