Thursday, October 25, 2012

I made a playlist of tracks that reminded me of glitter to appreciate how fab it is because writing a post about it wasn't enough (obvi) so, sit back and enjoy the sparkly and twinkly goodness without the hassle of having glitter dust stuck on your skin for days on end.

1. Treasure by Magic Wands
2. Rabbit Heart (acoustic) by Florence + The Machine
3. Vanessa by Grimes
4. Lilac by Blue Hawaii
5. Heart by Blood Diamonds
6. Bodyaches by Sugar & Gold
7. Compatible by Charles Murdoch*
8. Go Outside by Cults
9. Classic Girl by DEIDRE
10. Blue Dreams by Hawaii94
11. Drifting by Hawaii94
12. hold on by heRobust
13. Seventeen by Youth Lagoon
14. Evening by TOPS
15. Single Status by Mozart's Sister

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