Monday, October 8, 2012

That joke isn't funny anymore

Hi, this is the first proper 'Outfit Of The Day' I've posted on the internet, like, ever. I've always wanted to do one of these things and since last year, I've decided to start putting more effort in the way I dress and be more adventurous and daring in my clothing choices (my usual 'outfits' used to be just jeans and a tee and flip flops).

Last Saturday my mother and I went to Brunei Hotel to watch my brother perform (he's a magician -- which is why I have to be the best sister ever so he won't make me disappear if I were otherwise. Not saying I was a bad sister to begin with *obviously*)

Anyway, go easy on me, I had to work with a self timer and super shitty lighting.

I need a moment to express my love for these tights. I've been coveting these babies for MONTHS and I just got them in September. Let's be honest here, I don't have the worlds skinniest thighs, and I wasn't sure if the stripes would stretch properly when I put them on but surprise surprise, they fit perfectly! They stretch well and in the right places, my legs are able to breathe with the holes everywhere. One thing though, it catches on things more easily than regular tights (in that one night alone it caught on my fingernail and rings at least 4 times). I've successfully (unfortunately) ripped a small hole on one side of the leg within the first 10 minutes when I first bought it but hey at least I can call it, as what tumblr would describe, '''''grunge'''''.

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