Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am not my hair

I mentioned once that I've had the same hairstyle (layered, no bangs), hair colour (jet black) and hair texture (curly 3a/3b) ever since I could remember so it's only natural that at this time of my life I want something new and different.

I've considered dyeing my hair an unnatural colour or just bleaching it so it'll turn into a lighter colour, and I won't even do my whole head; just the tips to give my hair an ombré effect or a small chunk on the inside so I can snip it off if I'm not feeling it or to hide it when I have to. I proposed this idea to my mother and as I expected, she wasn't on board with it. So, I thought of just getting a haircut. I want something short, something that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. But everytime I tell my mother this her response would be as if I suggested something completely crazy and ridiculous. I was even surprised when I told a friend of mine about dyeing and cutting my hair and I got the same reaction. Heck, I can only wonder what her reply would be if I had told her about going bald.

It's always "But whyyyyyyyy? Your hair's fine now" or "But I like your hair the way it is now!" or "But you'll regret it next time" or "But people love your hair!" etc etc etc.

I'm just confused and genuinely curious as to why people think their opinions about my hair would automatically make me leave it as it is. First of all, it's just hair. It'll grow back.

Secondly, it's my hair, on my head and I can do whatever I want with it.

Furthermore, I've always been identified as 'the girl with the big hair'. You're welcome I make it easier for you to find me in crowded places but I want to break away from that representation. I'm not just a girl with big hair, I'm a girl with opinions and character and an identity. Sometimes it's a conversation starter, great, and sometimes complete strangers come up to me and tell me they like it, excellent. I truly appreciate all the compliments and positive comments about it but that shit gets old. When asked, my friends have all described me as "... hair .." rather than an actual adjective.

It's like my hair defines me and I don't want that. I don't want something that I am naturally gifted with to determine the kind of person I am.

One thing that I will never miss though, let me tell you, is when people ask me, "HI CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR?" like, no, you can't. Please don't. I don't know you well enough to trust you to caress my mane with your filthy paws. But then I'd come off as a bitch and instead I'd be known as 'girl who is selfish and mean'.

And when they ask me how I shampoo my hair, oh lord don't even get me started. Maybe I should make a post in the future dedicated to the things -- which I find really amusing-- people ask me about my hair.

And on an unrelated note, here is a playlist that I frequently go back to because it's one of my favourites (and there's a reason why it's my fav which is why you should totally listen to it right now):


  1. its crazy how much attention we give to hair, I think personally we'd ALL be better off with shaved heads!!!

    1. ugh yes!!! then we all can actually focus on more important things in life!

  2. You only live once, so you should do what you like with your hair! Everyone wants change sometimes. So, just go with it! Personally, I've had long hair for 3 years now, but I'm getting it cut short soon. When are we going to experiment if not now while we're young? :)

    P.S You've got me hooked on the "Boyfriend" song :D

    1. that's what i thought, and true that! but honestly i'd only go as far as getting a haircut or shaving the side of my head, because for as long as i live under my mother's roof i won't do what i'm not allowed -- i respect her too much to go against her hahaha

      and by 'Boyfriend' you mean the one by Best Coast? isn't it just infectious?! lol

    2. Makes sense, I always cringe when my Mum gives me advice that I don't agree with...but most of the time I end up following it anyway because I trust her judgement more than mine. Yep, that's the one!! SO INFECTIOUS.



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