Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm too lazy to think of a good title

I've been feeling out of it lately -- uninspired, tired and no feeling whatsoever to create or read or do anything. I also feel very lazy to do my school work or pay any tiny amount of attention in my classes.

So I have compiled some pictures since my last outfit post because I just didn't feel like taking pictures of myself with my camera and working with the self timer and finding the right lighting and bla bla blaaaa. And I haven't reached that level of comfort of asking my mother to take pictures of my outfits yet because the amount of stupid pictures I've already asked her to take of me would just make her question the sanity of her daughter even more.. But I'll get there.. Quality pictures for everyone in 2013!!! (BUT NO PROMISES). Therefore please excuse the horrendous quality of my pictures, they were taken with my (not so) trusty iPod touch.

Here I was just wearing a pair of jeans and a cute cat t-shirt zomggggg. This was an unplanned girls night out with my 2 other cousins.

Then we spent at least half an hour at a jewellery shop to which we discovered some funky glasses at the back of the store (eg. the one below) and took pictures and spent maybe another 15 minutes there.

In this picture I was wearing a fitted black scooped neck with a suuuuuper deep scoop at the back (not shown), polka dot silky maxi skirt handed down from my mama and white crochet espadrilles.


And here I was wearing a navy dress which I paired with white chucks. 

And the most recent outfit: a floral skirt with a matching teal v-neck and red ballet flats.

Okay funny story: I went out for brunch with my family and we all surprised each other by wearing v-necks (without planning beforehand) but with different colours, so it was like we were colour blocking as a family (think fashion forward ya'll (LOL please don't take me seriously with that phrase)) but I decided to be the different one and tie mine in a knot, and considering how long and loose the shirt is (pictured below).


And I thought it looked cute with the skirt. Also, that wasn't a funny story, sorry to disappoint.

PS: Since I'm on the topic of getting dressed up, I recently made a playlist which is partly a birthday present to my friend Lindy (cool girl) who just turned 18 last Thursday and just because I felt like creating one. It's not one of my best mixes because it's mostly just generic pop songs but they are quite fun to listen to when it's that time of the month or when you're getting ready and just feel like ~dancing~.

I rarely expose this side of myself (as in I actually listen to these songs and enjoy it) on the internet IN ONE GO so this is like, a huge thing for me.

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