Thursday, December 6, 2012

4 life lessons I've learned from the second Narnia movie

I grew up reading the Narnia books and by grew up I mean I started when I was 15. It was during the time my mother and I visited my brother while he was at university and during that two weeks I read the first 3 installments and fell in love instantly. Mind you, I'm a very slow reader and I only had that book (it was a 3 in 1) at the time so I tried to 'control my reading' so I'd have enough pages to read through out the trip. Which was stupid because the city was infested with book stores.

The movies however, I did grow up watching. I remember watching the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in a cinema that is now closed down. It was everything I wanted and more. I had never heard of Narnia before. I wanted Mr. Tumnus to be my bff, I wanted to sleep over at the beavers' den and let them take care of me, I wanted to cuddle Aslan and stroke his mane, destroy the white witch, have picnics with Edmund, and most importantly, I wanted a wardrobe just like the one they discovered so I could visit Narnia anytime I wanted. I even entered a couple of writing/essay competitions and most of them were inspired by that movie. It was also when I decided I wanted to write stories for a living. I also wanted to become a princess when I was 7 but things don't go according to plan, do they?

I was watching Prince Caspian this afternoon because it was on tv and I had nothing else to do. Personally, Caspian was my least favourite book (not so bad as a movie). I found it to be long and draggy, majority of the story consisted of their anticlimactic journey in the forest, from what I can remember. I loved all the other books though, and I can't choose a favourite! Everytime I try to, I opt for the Silver Chair but then scenes from The Magician's Nephew and the Horse and his Boy and the other books pop up in my head and I JUST LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY.

So anyway, as I was watching this film I noticed that there are some life lessons you can learn from. Such as:

1. Have faith
This is a bit too deep for my taste but I'll just say it. Whether it be a religious form of faith and in different Gods or energy or forms of life or what have you. Don't give up on something if you don't see it or if you can't feel it. Have faith in people too, believe in people you know, people you love. Trust them. For instance, Lucy seemed to be the only one who believed in Aslan, while the rest lost their faith in him. They didn't think he would come back. They were also the ones who didn't catch glimpses of Aslan or meet him in their dreams. I think in a way, this applies to everyone, including me. We're all not perfect and sometimes we lose our way, but it's faith that holds us together and keeps us going. We somehow go back to the right track because we have a goal, we have a purpose and faith in an existence that is higher than us helps us reach that.

2. Don't be such a hothead

Telmarines like King Miraz are known for their barbaric manners who spill blood like water. And Peter, who at the beginning of the story was shown that he was in a fist fight because someone bumped into him and told him to apologize. They all act on their feelings and they want to prove how man they are so they end up fighting, starting wars even. But when Caspian had the chance to finish King Miraz off in one scene, Miraz was all, "Go on and kill me. Seems like you do have the blood of a Telmarine in you. You're not so different from us after all" then Caspian let out a dramatic scream and everyone thought he was going to kill his uncle but instead aimed for a small patch of grass inches from Miraz. Being all serious and macho, he said, "Then I don't want to kill you if it makes me look all of you dirtbags. Keep your life," and Caspian walked away. I'm not the only one who thinks he deserves a standing ovation, right? I mean I would've slayed his ass off right there and then. Also, sick aiming Caspian. +5 points for you.

3. Don't underestimate people... or animals

Reepicheep, the talking mouse of Narnia is always looked down upon (not just literally) because he's a mouse, which is the animal that is always viewed as inferior and dirty and basically they have no use in the world just like cockroaches (I don't agree with that statement, however. But yes to cockroaches). In the earlier part of the movie after taking Caspian down, he asks, "Any last words?" the prince replies, "You're a... mouse?" to which the mouse says, "I thought you'd say something more original.." This is repetitive through out the whole movie too. Once he uses his sword power skills and kills men, yes-- a mouse can kill-- then the big people know not to speak of his size. In all seriousness though, don't do it in real life. Like, just don't. Even if you think you're better than someone, just think it, don't be that douche that has to point it out then later have your head sliced off. Ever heard of underdogs?

4. Nothing lasts forever

Everyone grows up. It was very saddening to find out that Peter and Susan eventually become boring adults who decide it's better to live in the 'real world', ie. England and not come back to Narnia. Lucy's reaction to this piece of information was the exact same as mine, except with tears. "But whyyYYYYy?!!!" I asked myself whilst sobbing uncontrollably when I first watched this movie. "But I'll miss them!!! I can't live like this!!! How will I get through without King Peter, the Magnificent and Queen Susan?!!!" And you know what? I got over it. I didn't turn into a boring adult, no, I'm not even an adult, but I grew up.. just a little. But that little bit counts.


  1. I watched this movie the first time this past saturday on the telly! I was with Lucy with the "But WHHHHHY :'(' too. Reepicheep, Aslan and Lucy were highlights for me. I hope to eventually read the books.

    1. Yes, definitely read the books! they're so much fun



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