Thursday, December 13, 2012

W I T C H Y V I B E Z & others

Last week I came across a little shop right near my place that sold used clothes for $5 a piece. They had dresses, bottoms and tops only. Soooooo, I picked up 3 dresses and a denim jacket. It was the closest experience I'll ever have to shopping at a thrift store. They even had ethereal, lacy, grandma-looking white dresses a la the Virgin Suicides to which my mum grimaced at when I excitedly pointed at them. I'll get you babies next time...

I decided to style the 4 items in ways that I would wear...if I ever get out of this house.
Backstory: I am on school holiday and I have been cooped up at home and haven't properly 'gone out', so I thought "why not play dress up?" Because playing dress up is fun!!! I also just wanted to show you what I bought.. and wear them...


This dress is actually sleeveless and it reminded me of those mod dresses from the 60's, and my mother shared the idea of wearing a black long sleeved shirt underneath, or even better: one that has a turtleneck, which I thought was genius! With the tights, lipstick and hair (and how can you not acknowledge my wonderful bitch face, which, by the way, I am nailing), I was trying to give off like a sort of teen witch vibe. But I also added a collar necklace to give it a tinge of twee. If you look at it up close, the details are beeeautiful.


This velvet dress is gorgeous and is everything I've been looking for. However, in Brunei weather, there's no chance I'm going to wear this especially in the daytime (because it's almost always above 25 degrees Celsius here. Brunei weather equals eternal summer) so I'm saving it for a special occasion maybe. I thought the striped tights added a little pizzaz.


Now, I don't care what anyone says but I adore this dress. According to my mum, it looks like "what an old lady would wear" but I don't pay much attention to those comments anymore, seeing as I get that a lot from her. I wanted to contrast the floral grandma-ish feel with some white chucks.

And probably a hat.

 LOOK 4:

I like opposites and juxtaposing pieces so I take pleasure in pairing what would be categorized as 'boy-ish' items with more feminine ones. Like this denim jacket and pencil skirt, for example. Or my staple: a dress and chucks.

I would wear this if I wanted to look more, dare I say it.. more polished, in a way, in comparison to the look after this one.

And this would be if I were feeling more cheerful and wanted to inject more colour into the outfit, i.e. with purple chucks.

And to match the badassery that is the denim jacket, I would add on these rings. I also initially chose these because they were brassy gold and I had on silver metallic nail polish, so the silver/gold contrast would be perfect.

And there you have a preview to my thought processes when it comes to choosing outfits!


  1. You are gorgeous! Yes to all these wonderful dresses (and denim jacket! sojealous) I really like your hat and rings. And collar. And that your mother's comments no longer phase you... Alright! I like everything! Happy now?

    I'll go and google Brunei now.

    Have a great day.

    1. thank you! you have a great day too! :-)

  2. Oh My Gosh. THESE OUTFITS ARE RIDICULOUS. They first look is so mod and I'm really feeling that idea with the shirt underneat; the collar necklace is genious by the way. The velvet dress is like a dream I've been looking for a lot of velvet everything lastely; oooh so jel. Hope you get to wear these outfits out soon!

    1. thanks!! right? out of all the looks, i like the first one the most

  3. The collar in Look 1 is GORGEOUS and the jewelry in the last one are amaaazing, especially the scorpion ring!



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