Sunday, January 13, 2013

mon vélo est parfait tout comme vous

Just a quick post of what I wore today.

Also, I deeply appreciate everyone who responded so positively and sweetly to my previous blog post about body image. You all rock!!

I decided I needed a coloured pair of bottoms (other than black and navy) and my mother happened to come across these jeggings, which are comfy as heck! Only thing is they're a bit too long for me so they bunch up around my ankles. I would cuff them but the colour on the inside is a horrific bright red!


My brother has the coolest shirts, and this was a hand-me-down from him literally last night. It fits nice and loosely on me, which is perfect for days like today.

And when have I ever not worn my crocheted espadrilles. I mean really. It should be illegal.


  1. Love your whole outfit ! you look amazing

    xx Liyana



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