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Getting To Know Caelan (Sasssquatch)

Last month I interviewed Lauren of JustACurbsideProphet, a beauty & style guru on youtube. So friends, it's now time to meet the super cute Caelan aka Sasssquatch!!!

Tell me a few things about yourself.
I'm an almost 20 year old blogger from Honolulu, Hawaii. I grew up on a strawberry farm with my three older sisters and I still have a baby tooth.

Can you tell me some things about Hawaii? Is it as beautiful as the representations on tv or is there another side to it?
Hawaii, I can honestly say is the best place on earth. Hawaii not only has beautiful weather but it has this interesting thing about it that no other place has. People are friendly here and despite being a legal part of America, Hawaii is nothing like the rest of the mainland, you can wear slippers (not flip flops) any time of year, there is this whole subculture that is very different and special also the history of the Native Hawaiians is just fascinating, they are so intelligent, resourceful and beautiful. The best way I can explain it is when you get off a plane after you land in Hawaii, the air feels so soft and smells so sweet and everything is more vibrant here.

How exactly do you pronounce your name? I've never heard anything like it... It's cool.
My name is pronounced (Kay-Lin) like Caitlin but without the "t," its Irish.

What made you start blogging? Has it changed your life in any way?
Oh goodness, I perused around a few different fashion social networking platforms such as chictopia and lookbook for inspiration, then I thought, I can do that too and was born Christmas eve 2010.

Where do you usually get inspiration for the things you wear?

Oh gosh inspiration is EVERYWHERE, I actually can't function in my day to day life without it; early morning sunrises inspire me, Real Housewives of Atlanta inspires me, I find inspiration EVERYWHERE, but in terms of fashion, working retail doesn’t seem to hurt.

What are 3 things you've been wearing a lot lately?
Topshop bowler hat
Vintage leather jacket passed down through all my sisters

Do you like to have a specific theme or idea when choosing outfits, do you like them to be colour coded or do you not care at all?
Well, I have a very specific aesthetic, I love ruffley things, cutsey things, all things kawaii, I normally gravitate towards pastels and anything pink, but lately I’ve been really digging neons and London street style.

Do you pay attention to trends or do you do your own thing? Or do both?
I think its impossible not too, but I try to add my own sassy flair.

What do you think of the whole holographic/iridescent/metallic trend? I personally am ~IN LOVE~ with it, it's very kitschy and almost late 90's-ish/early 00's because of how gaudy some of the clothes and shoes look like.. yet futuristic at the same time, depending on what the pieces are paired with. It's so 'in your face' which is why I love it so much! It mostly reminds of the Jetsons and Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Would you wear them (AND WORK THE HELL OUT OF DEM CLOTHES) or is it not to your taste?
I LOVE IT TOO!!!! It's funny you mention this because I actually have a side tumblr that I don't really mention called Iridescent Adolescent and it's where I reblog all things iridescent and magical, it is also a throwback to the show Rosewell which was amazing! AND YOU NEED TO SEE MY BIRTHDAY DRESS YOU WILL JUST DIEEE


Still on the topic of clothes, what are 2 of your favourite outfits that you've posted on your blog? Do you have any reasons why?
This outfit of yesteryear, because it was right when I started my blog and it is just silly and cute.


And probably most recently this one. I also adore that dress, I wore it to my sophomore prom!

What colours have you dyed your hair before and do you plan on dyeing it again in a different colour in the future?
Okay so this has been the progression of my hair: light brown-dark brown-red-black-light brown-gingery-orange sherbert-peach-hot pink-raspberry-red-…. And I’m planning on something new but until then it’s a secret!

What do you like to do on lazy days?
I love drinking chai and watching Netflix, but it’s safe to say that I do not have many lazy days.

What were you like in high school?
Oh gosh, I was kind of the worst, I was SUPER loud about my opinions and feminism and I kinda isolated myself from people cause I thought nobody understood me *eye roll* I also spent ALL of my time on tumblr lol some things don’t change.

What are some of your favourite books, films and tv shows?
I’ll just do top three
Books: The Bell Jar, The Catcher in the Rye, It’s Kind of A Funny Story
TV Shows: The United States of Tara, Toddlers and Tiaras & 30Rock

What about music?
THAT’S SO BROAD!!! I like all sorts music, but I get most my tunes from my sister Hayley.

Do you have any albums on repeat lately?
One Direction’s latest album “Take Me Home”.

So you went to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on new years eve. Hold on, I need a moment to FREAK OUT AGAIN because I LOVE THEM!!! Can you tell me how amazing it was?
There are no words, they were fabulous, so so fabulous, and I was in the front, and they were both so sexy and gah I just died, YOU SHOULD'VE BEEN THERE

I WISH I COULD CAELAN, I WISH I COULD. Living on the other side of the globe has its limitations :-(

If you could make a tv show, movie or book come to life, what would it be and why?
As a youngin I always wanted to be included in the first generation of Skins, but I think now I would just love to be in anything by Wes Anderson, I recently met this dreamboat who is totes the Sam to my Suzy and I would love to go exploring with him.

Dude, being included in the first generation of Skins was the dream for me too. So, I know you're a feminist. What would you tell someone who has no idea what it is, or someone who believes in the misconception of feminism, such as feminists being a bunch of lesbians who burn their bras and want to castrate all men?
I would sigh and say “okay, is your opinion set in stone or do you want to learn about feminism?” because you can’t ever change peoples opinion and its not worth your breath, if they are a misogynistic pig who wants to believe what they want to believe then save your time. It’s a shitty realization but I think we’ve all come to this point at one time or another.

Would you like to say a few words to all the sexist pricks out there who continue to look at women as objects and/or creatures who are incapable of making a change or being in authority as they are?
Remember, you came from a lovely beautiful strong woman who I’m sure would be disappointed to hear that you talk about others females with such disrespect. It should be your duty to treat others the way you want to be treated and you should be fully aware of your male privilege and do something positive and powerful with it, don’t be a spineless sexist jellyfish you douchebag.

Would you be able to survive without the internet? How would you imagine your life to be without it?
Well, I miss the times when I was a kid when I really didn’t think about it at all (mostly because they weren’t nearly as accessible) and I wish I could go back to that time, BUT I love the internet too much.

Would you rather have the ability to talk to cats and have long, thought provoking conversations with them, or the ability to produce real food using your mind? Why?
Food. Calorieless food.

I never thought of that.. Good choice. Hot weather or cold weather?
Girl, do you realize who you are talking to? I live in the tropics, HOT. I’ve never even touched snow before! I only know the type of weather that requires SPF and some heart shaped sunglasses.

GIRL, I live in the tropics too so I know how you feel. Don't you ever get tired of it though? Because sometimes having sweat drip down my back isn't exactly my way to go.
It's what I'm used to, besides there is nothing I hate more than wearing stockings or pantyhose and having them slip thoughout the day leaving the crotch of your tights practically inbetween your knees. I DON'T KNOW HOW PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THAT. 

If you could live in another country, where would it be and why?
England. I feel in absolute love.

As a child, what did you want to grow up to be?

A scientist…. Ironic huh? What's funny is that no matter how many different jobs I wanted to have, I always had a 5 year plan, I’m very me.

Who was your celebrity crush during your childhood years that now make you cringe?
WELL, I was forced to have Chris Kirkpatric as my boyfriend when I was really little due to picking the short straw when deciding *Nsync boyfriends (I wrote all about it here)

Do you have or remember any special moments that mean the world to you but seems totally insignificant to anyone else?

My mom play this game with me called “teddy bear jamboree” where we got out ALL Of my teddy bears and made them dance and play, we just laughed a lot and it was quite fun. I need to have another one of those soon.

Where else can we find you on the interwebs?
Twitter: @Sasssquatch
Instagram: @Sassssquatch (there is an extra s there)

(All photos are taken from her blog)


  1. This is great! I love Sasssquatch.

  2. This is so awesome. She's such a cool person! By the way I love his the interview went its like you guys were old friends.

    1. she is! hahah it's all her, she's really fun to talk to.

  3. Love it.



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