Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I made this playlist because of Santigold's GIRLS (hence the title of the mix) and it then made me explore and go through songs by some of my favourite womenfolk and their experiences. It's basically everything about being a girl  -- from feeling empowered and like you can take over the world to feeling vulnerable, heartbroken or to being painfully smitten to loving yourself and just overall having POSI VIBEZ. It's great to highlight and to promote a sense of independence towards young girls but I also want to highlight the fact that we're still learning and growing up and we're still trying to find ourselves and it's inevitable to make mistakes because that is a part of the process of life.

My apologies if this is a bit too deep of an explanation for a ~~*playlist*~~ but I just wanted to make the whole point clear. ALRIGHT NOW, ENJOY!!

(Also check out that sweet cover art of MIA swinging around like nobody's business from a skyscraper)

Santigold - Girls 
Wild Belle - Keep You
Marina & the Diamonds - Sex Yeah
Best Coast - How They Want Me To Be
Santigold - Disparate Youth
Jojo - We Get By
Me, Myself & I - Beyonce
Everything is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira
Young & Foolish - Corrinne Bailey Rae
Kilo Kish - Indigo's July
Robyn - Dancing On My Own
Azealia Banks - Liquorice


  1. so i'm supposed to be studying for a big art history exam right now, but the track listing for this playlist looks pretty good so i'll put it in a tab and save it for later :) i like your concept and YESSS MIA SANTI AND AZEALIA. i'm down with the positive girl vibes.

    1. positive girl vibes all day everyday

      and good luck for your exam!! :-)



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