Thursday, February 14, 2013

make me shine like disco lights

I was going through my journals and sketchbooks and forgot about some of the stuff I ever made so I scanned them and decided to share them witch'aaalll

This was when I was a total mess and was just terribly confused about everything (as I am all the time).

This was when I was sick but felt better so I went swimming then felt worse after that and got ill (again). I had swimming lessons with my aunt because I didn't know how to swim (and I still don't) and I thought now would be the right time to start. I only went thrice and I still panic in the water.

Because I want to shave my head and wear flower crowns all day.
Because skool sucked blegh.

This was probably during the earlier part of last year before school started and I was so bored with life and stuff because I had nothing to do. I wanted something exciting to happen. Nothing exciting happened.

Just a little reminder I needed. Alas, I can't recall the source of this quote.

When I was in my A$AP Rocky phase... (lol)
Watercolour. The lines start from the left and are supposed to fade out as they go to the right.

When Beastie Boys came out with their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, and I was obsessed with Nonstop Disco Powerpack.

Aaaaand that's it for now


  1. Reflection is one of the advantages of journaling. These are pretty.

    1. thanks! and i agree, it's so nice to flip through and recall what i was feeling or what was happening.



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