Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the planet in between our palms

Today, I threw on a lazy outfit to go for brunch with ma famille.

I bought this shirt for $1 and cut it up because the sleeves were HUUUUUGGGGEE and had a really weird flared shape. It's pretty cool though because it changes colour when the temperature increases. This shirt used to be pink all over, but after a few washes it gradually turned blotchy. Not even kidding: this afternoon was so hot that this shirt (or now a tank) turned yellow all over. I expressed my confusion and excitement towards my mother and she joined in. "But it wasn't yellow just now?!?!!" Once I entered my air conditioned room it turned back into this blotchy colour. Best $1 purchase ever or what?!!

What was going on up north (it's the only way I know how to line my eyes):

 Then at night we went out again for dinner:

Ughhhh so comfy because of this cropped oversize sweater.

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