Friday, March 22, 2013

A new lip, A diy and A LOVE FOR BRACELETS

I was browsing though the stacks of bracelets at a shop last week when one piece caught my eye. You know that feeling when you really like something and can't get it out of your mind? I had that feeling with this:

I don't even know why, like I was genuinely, deeply and unneccesarily infatuated by it and was determined to get it. HOWEVER, it was priced at $5 and I wasn't willing to spend that much on a bracelet. I never do. So I thought I should just make my own, like I always do. In the end I thought the beads and string would cost much more so I went ahead and got it.

And I love it.

With all my heart.

It has that kitschy thing going on with the roses, and it reminded me of a bracelet version of a flower crown!

Then a few days ago my hands were itching to do someting diy-related because I hadn't done so in a very long time. So I whipped out these beads I've been meaning to use and made a bracelet. They look like tiny eyeballs (the blue ones like the evil eye!) which is what drew me to the beads in the first place and I have been wearing this everyday since.

And lastly, I went out with my dear momma this afternoon and came across some purple lipstick. If you don't know, I made a blog post sometime last year about the different shades of lipstick I've been hunting.

The colour doesn't come through in the pictures but I swear it's much more pigmented in real life. And it has a metallic element to it, which I think can look a biiiit tacky for my taste. But I don't mind it as much.


That's it folks, till next time.


  1. Cool bracelets, the eyes are eerie and lovely. I also recently bought purple lipstick! It's fancy Rimmel stuff I got on sale. Sales are beautiful.

    LOVE your hair.

    1. yes!! if sales were a guy i'd marry him. purple lipstick sistas mwah mwah

      and THANK YOU <3

  2. Ohh pretty bracelets! I would actually buy them of you!



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