Saturday, March 9, 2013

Depressed Straw Hats And Rotten Cabages

I literally have not dressed up properly since my last outfit post (which was idk last month??) But anyway, I haven't been feeling ~*`````*~fabulous~*`````~ in a long time. School has been a complete drag and I've started my term break so I'm pretty excited about that. But then I remember all the extra classes I have and then tests and exams and more exams and assignments and revision right after our break and it makes me almost depressed.

This morning the sun was hiding behind the clouds but I felt like wearing a hat so I did. Then the sun came out. I don't know, my hat must be magical. "Tasya has a hat on therefore I must fulfill my purpose as a Sun. Watch Out World Here I Come"

Also, notice the new background? There used to be hideously painted flowers and vines in poorly chosen colours (that my 14 year old self with obviously bad taste picked out) where my mother also helped me paint because I really wanted flowers on my wall. And immediately felt nothing but shame and regret at the decision and of ever having this idea in the first place and I had to live with it for years. It wasn't until last month that I broke free from this curse. The curse of the ugly flowered bedroom wall. It was an impulsive move but damn did it feel good. My eyes have never thanked me so much.

Oh also I got a haircut last week. Hence the shorter hair. Which might have been the only explanation for the shortening of my hair. Guh okay here are some pictures of what I wore today:

I never take myself seriously but that doesn't mean you shouldn't too. (Attempt at looking like a constipated person on an invisible toilet bowl/hole in the woods (going back to our roots as human beans here guys)).

The last photo might have triggered images of poop to pop up in your head, if it hasn't then it must be now. No apologies for that.

This is a RM10 hat I got on sale from Cotton On 2 years ago on a Geography textbook BECAUSE STUDENT LIFE.


  1. cute hair cut and that ring is pretty cool :) HAHA the pooping picture is my favorite, but the one right after that is a close second ;) Enjoy your break. Mine ends tomorrow and I too will soon be bombarded with tests and project due dates :( Also congrats on new room paint :D

    1. ahahaha thank you for your kind words. aw that sucks, make the best of it! i'll try to soak up as much fun as i can ;-)

  2. Hhahah nice pose there! Love the print of this dress and I have always wanted one of those hats!



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