Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hi Hello This is one of those 'oh my god i am freaking out what am i going to do i am going to fail at life' type of posts. seriously speaking, my AS exams are in less than 2 months and i am in no way near prepared to sit for them while simultaneously worrying about A2 syllabuses which we are studying/trying to process into our tiny minds?? well MY tiny mind and i'll have to sit for them at the end of this year and if i don't get good grades no university will accept me and i won't know what else to do with my life and ugh and i feel like it's no use in trying now because i'll fail anyways like i do all the time
i'm not smart enough for this

i also have tons of ideas right now and i feel very inspired in ````*~~~~creating~~~~*```` stuff like zines and writing more and taking pictures and listening to more music and making videos (both artsy and vlogging) and reading A TON OF BOOKS holy shit i can't seem to balance everything and my brain is like "fuck priorities man do what you like"

but no, brain, i don't have time for that, i'll have all the time in the world next year. yet i still listen to you. there's also our school rugby team that i still want to be a part of but all these things man


regular blogging will resume in the near future

excuse me while i try to sort out my stuff and try to make wise decisions



  1. oh man. I know how that is. You have all these obligations, like school, which is important but at the same time you have this endless desire to create and grow yourself in ways that school doesn't's so hard to prioritize and focus. As for your AS exams (don't really know what those are XD) but try to be POSITIVE. you CAN do it. even if you feel overwhelmed. Anyway, just here trying to empathize with you--I am going through similar dilemmas. Stay cool, persevere, do it big :)

  2. first of all, i'd like to thank you, maria, for being a regular reader and commenter of my blog! <3 and secondly, it's comforting to know that someone else is experiencing the same thing.. let's just hope all this is worth it and that we end up successfully reaching our goals!!

    by the way, AS exams are like half of an A level (and A2 is the other half). the british education system is complicated and confusing :-S

  3. omg I know the feeling! making time for school and dreams is tough but you can do it! just dont forget how important both of them are okay??

    1. ugh it sucks! and yeah i'm sloooooowly getting the hang of dividing my time now. and thank you <3



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