Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hey there

Yo guys it has been forever since my last post!!! First and foremost, I'd like to wish all Muslims a very happy Eid!!! I've been having a great time catching up and spending quality time with my family these past few days!

Anyway, so many (good things! hehe) have happened since last time, but today I shall return only briefly with an outfit/selfie post because why not right?

My exams are riiiight around the corner, and I've been busy with other projects and also slacking so I haven't had the time to write the past few weeks.

But anyway, here is my face for you all.

Check out how dark my eyes are from all the sleep I haven't been getting, YAY (plus bits of eyeliner from last night that I haven't fully removed oopsie poopsie. Workin dat au naturel lazy skin routine u noe)



Here's a little outfit of the day:

Regular (and quality!) blogging will hopefully resume towards the end of the year. Thanks for sticking by!!



  1. That shirt is the cutest and so are you! <3

    1. Aw thank you! you are too sweet <3

  2. good luck on your exams!
    i'm currently swooning over your hair/shirt.

    1. Thanks, I'm gonna need it! Lol. My hair and shirt are swooning over you too

  3. girrrl you are the business, seriously. these pictures are great & i can't wait to hear about the interesting things you have to share. :) that first picture is IT.


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