Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Hi everyone! I am now exam free!!!! I'm trying to get back into the groove of blogging. How does one blog anyway? What do people blog about? WHAT IS BLOG??????

Anyway, I'm really excited to start doing things I've been putting off. My hands are itching to do some arty things!! I haven't had my creative side flow and let it do its thing in a while - I feel like the gears in my right brain are covered in rust and have stopped functioning. I also want to start making playlists again! My boyfriend (ya I have a boyfriend now what a surprise) gave me like a ton of music a few months ago and just this evening I transferred about 1.4 gb worth of music into my iTunes. Which is kinda crazy because that's only 5% of what he's given me.. which is only like half of what he's SUPPOSED to give me. God. So much music I genuinely developed a headache just *trying* to decide which albums to listen to first. But it's cool I guess, because YAY NEW MUSIC THAT I ACTUALLY LIKE.

Other things that happened over the months, well, Outsider Zine, that I mentioned on here once, is having November as our rebuilding month so stay tuned for December because there's going to be a lot of new stuff and the posting schedule will change as well. I'm also a part of Songket Alliance, a Bruneian zine by Bruneian writers who write about things (it's really cool and there are a lot really good articles guys CHECK IT OUT SUPPORT OUR LOCAL WRITERS PLEASE).

And this afternoon, I was clearing up my laptop and went through some old pictures and found these gems that I took the last year/last 2 years:

Which reminds me - picture taking is also a thing I want to get back into. And possibly develop the rolls of film that I have completely forgotten about.

I never really know how to end these things. This is the end of the post, I guess. Till next time, friends.


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