Sunday, October 2, 2016

Holding Up

I was having a think the other about how nice it is to look back at past posts. Facebook is doing that with its memory feature but I'm not so keen on spilling my thoughts and feelings out on there. And I mostly spill my thoughts on twitter but I don't want to torture my friends of having to listen to me endlessly complain, hahah. Plus, the 140-character limit doesn't allow me to practise the flow of writing that I need to desperately right now. And I'm usually too lazy to commit to a physical journal.

SO, I've decided to come back to blogging because it'd be interesting to see how my thoughts have developed over the years and to see what I'm currently going through as comparison. I figured that it would be a creative and healthier outlet for when my stress levels get out of hand, so I'm seeing through this on whether it helps or not.

Anyway, I'm in my final year of my degree now (crazy how time flies!) Doing my thesis whilst taking 5 other subjects - due to this I have about 12 assignments to complete this semester; WAY more than I'm used to - and I don't seem to be reacting well to that. I'm about 6 weeks into my semester and it's been SUCH a hell of a rollercoaster ride. My emotions have been doing 180 turns every other day, my sanity doing front flips and back, and my mind flooded with never-ending to-do lists.

So. Yeah. I'm trying to find healthier alternatives to coping as the built up of anxiety I experience can get a bit too much (and they're no fun at all).

I've been successful, so far, in my attempts at finding a balance between everything. Deadlines are looming around the corner, but I'm still making time for enough rest and doing things that I enjoy, like crafting and watching youtube videos! Lol

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  1. I know what you mean about looking back at old blogposts. I get the same thing with reading my old journals and things too. It's just so neat to see all the different versions of yourself that have existed all in the same space. I hope you keep up with your blogging!
    x Erin
    The Halfway Point



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